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Wellness for children

Wellness for children from 6 to 11 years

Sniff massage „Rumpelstilzchen”

A bit of everything!
A gentle back-, legs-, arms and neck massage for body relaxation, mind and soul.

10 minutes - € 14,00

„Drachenzähmer” - full body massage

Specifically tailored to the necessity of your age

20 minutes - € 25,00

„Aschenputtel“ – facial treatment

For the soft skin of children – girls and boys – cleansing, relaxing facial massage and treatment mask.

20 minutes - € 28,00

“Nemo's” - hands or foot treatment

For top- manicured hands and feet (for girls with paint)

  • Hands: trimming nails, filing, cuticle care and cream
  • Feet: trimming nails, filing, cuticle card and foot cream

25 minutes - € 29,00

Wellness for children from 12 to 17 years

Back massage for learning children

Relaxation by tenseness, for back and neck, for blockages, blood circulation, relaxes body and mind.

25 minutes - € 29,00

Young Star Massage

Gentle full body massage, helps to handle the stress of growing up.

40 minutes - € 45,00

Babor Young Care for Girls and Boys

Clarifying facial treatment, includes cleaning, exfoliation, deep cleansing, mask and final care.

50 minutes - € 54,00

Hand care for teenager

Cut, file the nails, nail and skin care.

35 minutes - € 29,00

Foot care for teenager

Foot bath, cut, file the nails and cuticle care.

40 minutes - € 39,00