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Collect "Romantic Hearts" as a loyalty bonus

The Wastlwirt-loyalty bonus

Welcome to our regular guest area!

Welcome to our regular guest area. Even after your first stay in the Romantic Hotel Wastlwirt you are eligible to register here and start collecting “Romantic Hearts”.
From your second stay, you can start to cash in your collected hearts.

You can make full advantage of all of the benefits regardless of whether you book over the Internet, by telephone, E-Mail, or directly at the hotel.
Our reception team will gladly help you with the administration and cashing in of your “Romantic Hearts”.

If you are not yet registered, then please register here and you will automatically receive your password.

If you are already registered, then log in to view your points and exclusive offers!

Collecting Romantic Hearts
  • You gain “Romantic Hearts” for any entries on your hotel bill.
  • As a birthday present, we give you 135 “Romantic Hearts”
  • For giving us hotel feedback, we reward you with 135 “Romantic Hearts”
  • There are also special offers giving you the chance to collect extra “Romantic Hearts”. These are published on our website or in our newsletters.
Cashing in your “Romantic Hearts”

You can cash in your Romantic Hearts in various ways, as follows:

  • Loyalty bonus in “regular guest weeks”, as published in our newsletter
  • Upgrade when booking a room in a higher category
  • Voucher for well-being treatments in our Romantic Spa
  • Gifts for your friends (print out wellness voucher)
Romantic Hearts Packages

cash in during your stay

Download attractive Packages which can be cashed in for Wastlwirt Romantic Hearts.

Please inform us directly during your booking that you wish to cash in your Romantic Hearts!