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Restaurant with Tradition

500 years of tradition, and how the name “Wastlwirt” originated

The oldest indication of the main Romantic Hotel Wastlwirt**** building comes from the year 1499. Hermann Weber organised a citizens’ meeting in what is today’s Wastlwirt in St. Michael. The first official certification comes from the year 1510. It documents the first change in ownership of the inn. In the next 320 years, a total of 14 further enthusiastic landlords looked after their friends, neighbours, tradesmen, and those on business journeys who found themselves on the Tauern-Nockalm-Pass route across the Alps, that had been used by people as early the Roman times.

History and Philosophy

The hotel is run exactly according to the philosophy of the Romantic Hotel. The Wastlwirt, with its 500 years of tradition and history and excellent cuisine continues to be run as a family business.

The Wastlwirt Families

The Wastlwirt Families

In 1830, Sebastian Georg Moser took over as the 16th landlord of the village inn, on which Austrian Kaiserin Maria Theresia had, in 1745, bestowed “permanent rights as an inn” (Maria-Theresien-Konzession). Moser gave it its present name, “Wastlwirt”, whereby Wastl is nothing more than the local dialect version of his first name, Sebastian.

As a direct ancestor of the present family of Rudi Baier, the brewery owner and Brewer Jakob Wieland bought the inn in 1887 and sold the homebrewed “Wastlbräu” beer for the first time. At the start of the 20th century, his daughter, Maria Wieland, took on the inheritance, marking the beginning of a more than 50 years women’s “reign”.

This ended in 1966, when Hermine Resch gave the business over to her daughter Josefine Baier and her husband, Rudolf. Both of them built a completely new hotel next to the old inn, with around 15 rooms, a dining and events hall, and indoor swimming pool.

You can sense this long tradition of hospitality today in the Wastlwirt. Rudi Baier and his Wastlwirt family have developed the traditional house into the modern Romantic Hotel over recent years, with much love and attention to detail. Guests from all over the world appreciate the remarkable ambience and the history contained in the hotel walls.

Century old traditions

And, following old tradition, just as it has been for centuries:

  • Locals still meet at the locals’ table. Hotel guests are of course welcome any time.
  • Travellers and tradesmen using the nearby Tauernautobahn motorway A10 and the B99 pass route through Obertauern and Katschberg stop off to take a rest to re-energise.
  • Holidaymakers from Austria and many other European countries appreciate the romantic atmosphere and enjoy the local cuisine with recipes from grandmother’s kitchen and modern creations conjured up by the chef.


  • the house-beer called „Wastlbräu“.
  • Wines (own lable) Red- and White Sebastian
  • Romantik Edition Red, White and Secco
  • as well as the traditional plum schnaps