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Winter Drifttraining

Fun and Pure Adrenaline

Pure adrenaline and great driving fun on the Lungau ring in St Michael: put your foot down and accelerate on snow and ice with 300 hp powering you, drift through curves and hairpin bends, test out the limits of physics, and improve your own driving in a safe environment. This is what winter drift training on the Lungau ring is all about.

300 Horse Power on Ice & Snow

Werner Gusenbauer shows you how you can drive the Mitsubishi Evo X on extremely slippy ground dynamically and sportily. As you drive the four-wheel-drive vehicles and drift through the turns, you learn at the same time lots of tricks that enable you to be safer in the day-to-day winter road traffic.

Details Drifttraining

Mitsubishi Evo X

The Mitsubishi Evo X cars are provided for you (300 hp with special tyres, and accelerate on ice and snow to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds).In each vehicle there are 2 drivers. The price includes fully comprehensive insurance with a €2500 excess, various consumables, as well as refreshment on the course and lunch.

Participants: maximal 12
Dates: Friday, 10. January bis
Sunday: 16. February 2014
Course times: 9:00 bis 16:30

Price p.P/Day
incl. VAT
Mon - Thu € 725,--
Fri - Sun € 775,--